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Lagree Fitness is NOT Pilates

Our Los Angeles Lagree Studio is Here to Prove It

While Sebastien Lagree may have initially built his exercise method from Pilates, the Lagree Fitness method should never be mistaken for a version of Pilates—at least, not anymore. Since its birth in 1998, the Lagree Fitness method has differentiated itself from any other type of exercise, combining both high-intensity bodybuilding techniques with low-impact qualities borrowed from the foundations of Pilates. The union of these two fundamental techniques allows Lagree Fitness clients to achieve rapid results after taking just a few of these body-shaking classes.

Controlled Reps Performed at Slow Paces Demand More from the Body

The famous Lagree-count, which consists of no less than eight seconds, does not allow for participants to utilize momentum while moving through each exercise. Instead, participants must use muscle groups in a slow, controlled fashion, which demands more metabolic work per unit of time. This extended amount of time that muscles are placed under tension produces rapid results for participants.

Balance is Just as Important as Flexibility

The Lagree Fitness method places a large emphasis on balance as a fundamental for achieving real results in a quick amount of time. Focusing on balance allows for participants to avoid and prevent injuries. This quality, unique to Lagree Fitness, has helped many avid Lagree Fitness goers heal from chronic back injuries and other issues. Through years of research, Sebastien Lagree has found that balance training has proven to be more effective than strength training.

The Lagree Fitness Method Borrows the Bodybuilding Superset for Effectiveness

As a fitness guru fascinated by and passionate about bodybuilding, Sebastien Lagree has borrowed the superset method and made it part of what makes the Lagree Fitness method considerably different than Pilates. By utilizing the superset method, Lagree Fitness goers move through shorter classes, heightened intensity levels, and a safer way to take their muscles to failure without the spotter that is typically needed in traditional bodybuilding.

We Don’t Exclude Cardio with the Lagree Fitness Method

Circuit training is a large part of what makes the Lagree Method critically different than Pilates. Lagree Fitness participants are required to move from one movement to the next with minimal rest time between. This keeps the participant’s heart rate up and demands cardiovascular growth—which, of course, results in more calories burned!

Lagree Fitness Pushes Your Body Out of Its Comfort Zone for Ample Results

The Lagree Method places quite a large emphasis on overloading the different muscle groups as a means of attaining rapid results. During this process, the muscles are forced to grow beyond their current state, increasing the amount of resistance, time, and intensity a participant can handle. Added movements, slowed movements, and minimal recovery periods help participants achieve results faster than any other workout method.

Experience the Lagree Fitness Method Today: Find a Lagree Fitness Studio Near You

While Pilates places a large emphasis on rehabilitating muscles by stretching larger muscles and strengthening smaller muscle groups, the Lagree Fitness method focuses on intense bodybuilding techniques combined with no to low impact movements. The result? Fast results that never allow participants to plateau. Each class can be modified for even the most experienced Lagree goer, making this method the perfect one for those seeking a complete body transformation.

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