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Why Does the Lagree Method Deliver Such Quick Results?

Why Does the Lagree Method Deliver Such Quick Results?

If you’ve heard of Lagree Fitness, more than likely you have also heard about how quick the results are earned by Lagree-goers. Of course, the results don’t come without reason. In fact, Lagree Fitness’s patented method, equipment, and certified instructors stand as the main reasons for the effectiveness of the method. Allow us to explain in more detail.

The Method that Makes the Difference

First and foremost, the Lagree method, which hold a significant number of patents, was first developed by Sebastien Lagree in 1998. As time progressed, Sebastien critiqued and evolved the method—creating what is now known as the fastest-growing and most effective workouts in existence. Why? This high-intensity yet low-impact method produces remarkable rapid results due to its unique combination of focuses.

While other exercise methods only focus on one type of exercise form, each Lagree class pushes clients’ bodies to improve in all areas, including:

  • Strength
  • Cardio
  • Endurance
  • Core
  • Balance
  • Flexibility

Due to this inimitable combination backed by ample science-driven research, Lagree clients are able to tone, tighten, and strengthen their bodies in just a couple of classes. For this reason, the Lagree method has become known as the superior approach to total-body conditioning. As a result, persons of all ages, regardless of their body type, can reap the unmatched results that only the Lagree method can produce. That’s not it, though.

The Cutting Edge of Lagree’s Fully Patented Equipment

Equally as important as the method, Lagree equipment has served as one of the fundamental reasons for expedited results. In 2006, Sebastien designed, built, and launched the very first piece of Lagree Fitness equipment known as the Proformer. As a completely revitalized spin on the traditional and less-effective reformer, the Proformer immediately changed the pace of the fitness industry. With its added platforms, handlebars, and counter-resistance qualities, the Proformer offered a way for clients to fine-tune their bodies in just a couple class sessions—so much so that even some of the most well-known celebrities sought out Lagree classes, which, at the time, were only taught by Sebastien Lagree himself.

Of course, in typical Lagree fashion, the Proformer phased out as new and improved Lagree equipment was designed. Now, with more than a dozen different models, each of which has served as an improvement of its predecessor, Lagree Fitness equipment continues to serve as a fitness equipment brand that sees no end to evolution and improvement. With 80 patents, Lagree Fitness has established itself as the leader of evolution within the fitness industry.

Not Anyone Can Teach the Lagree Method—Lagree Fitness Instructors are Key

Because the method is fully patented, not just anyone with a personal training certificate can teach the Lagree method. In fact, each instructor who teaches the Lagree method has undergone a series of intense Lagree training sessions in order to deliver quick and effective results. Much like the Lagree Fitness brand, training also evolves, and instructors are strongly encouraged to participate in continued training which focus on specific areas within the method. Due to the challenging prerequisites required before instructors can teach the method, Lagree-goers benefit from a uniquely trained instructors—Every. Single. Class.

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